Our values


We believe that intelligence should be the most important distinguishing factor of Tepsi. Our definition of intelligence is not equivalent to the use of technology. We believe that each of our actions and activities, including analyzing issues, finding solutions, making decisions, planning, and the like, should be intelligent.

Original customer centricity


We at Tapsi have the chance to connect with millions of people in our country as users. We have no doubt that the continuation of our presence and development in the market depends on our responsiveness to the needs of users. From our point of view, our users are the main source of our decisions and actions. This is why we try to use all available tools and media to interact with users and listen to their suggestions and wishes.


We try to think outside the conventional frameworks and think of innovative solutions when faced with various issues. That’s why at Tapsi, we believe that making the “impossible” possible is our job.


It is important for us that our efforts are aimed at the result, that is the correct and effective result. Therefore, all our planning and decisions are in such a way that we can get our work done. If we get a positive result, we take advantage of its effects, and if the work result is negative, we try to identify the reasons and problems and use those lessons learned to improve future actions and performance.

Team growth and development

We believe that the success and growth of Tepsi is the result of the success and growth of each team member. Accordingly, the growth, learning and professional development of our colleagues is one of our main values.


We never settle for less and always look for the best. By conquering each peak, we think of higher peaks and we are not afraid of obstacles and problems.