Hiring Front-End site designer

This is a three-month training course with the aim of providing 0 to 100 of the most practical trainings in the programming field of Complete Front-End Web Development with React, which is held to prepare people for recruitment in companies. If you successfully complete this course, you can easily be employed in the field.Internship under the supervision of senior programmer and senior manager, 10 years of professional programming experience.
Through this internship, two high-level and professional projects will be added to your resume by the end of the internship;
All material and intellectual rights of the website produced by you during this internship belong to you and the group will not have any claim on it.

The most important result of the internship is the addition of professional projects to your resume, all of which you personally did with the guidance and leadership and mentoring of this group, which will have a great impact on your recruitment process.
Things that will be taught to you in this internship course:
Java script

Employment conditions will be available for all those who successfully pass this course. Please note that the employment opportunities are only in Tehran and the best trainees are also included in the international group.